Hands feeling the effects on cold winter days?

Too often we neglect our hands – cleaning without gloves on because, let’s face it, marigolds make it awkward to get into those nooks and crannies and quickly doing that bit of washing up. Every now and again we might treat ourselves to using a bit of hand cream thinking it’ll solve everything!

Well why not indulge this winter and treat your hands to some much needed TLC with our Jessica Hydrating treatment. First your hands and arms will be exfoliated. Then hand cream and oils are applied ready for the heated mittens, where the heat helps open the pores allowing the creams and oils to soak in and truly nourish your skin and nails. Now you’re ready for a relaxing hand and arm massage really working those products in and helping to release any tension. The nails are cut and filed, cuticles are pushed back and a treatment polish applied. Your hands will thank us!


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