Body care. How often do you exfoliate?

Body exfoliation is just as important as facial exfoliation. However it is often put to the bottom of the pile as we see it as too much effort to tag it into our routine. But it has some great benefits.

Ingrown hairs? Exfoliating regularly, post wax or shaving session, helps to remove the build of of dead skin cells which prevents hairs from being able to push through the skin, resulting in those pesky ingrown hairs!

Sun tanning? Fake tanning? Exfoliating dead skin cells from your body is essential for sun tanning and is ideal as a pre-holiday skin boost. By getting rid of dead skin cells the sun will be affecting the new skin cells, which will last longer and leave your tan looking more even. Make sure you moisturise and keep your skin protected safely when tanning, and also hydrated through body moisture lotions. Similarly to fake tan, removing all dead skin cells ensures a smooth even surface so you’re clear of patchy, streaky tan! General Wellbeing… When you exfoliate the body you are increasing the blood circulation and lymphatic system which is very beneficial for the body. This helps encourage new skin cells, breaks down fatty tissues, and breaks down and drains toxins from the skin. After exfoliating, the skin is left beautifully soft ready to absorb a good moisturiser.

So go on treat yourself to a full body scrub when you step in the shower tonight!


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