About Us

About us

Bodylines Beauty Salon, established in 1992 and set in a 16th century building where traditional and modern features unite to create a unique ambience for the treatment rooms. With over 26 years experience within the Beauty industry, Salon owner Nicola and the Bodylines long-serving team of Therapists offer a cherry-picked selection of reputable treatments.

The Bodylines team has a wealth of knowledge enabling us to provide you with an unsurpassed measure of guidance and optimum results with highly celebrated products and treatments.

As well as our own understanding, we also have the continued support of our chosen brands to ensure we consistently deliver the greatest results.

This comes quite easy to us as we all LOVE training! We take great pride in deepening our knowledge to enrich your time spent at the Salon, whether it be for the full works or just for a bit of maintenance.

We have it all covered. All of our Therapists are highly skilled and fully qualified yet each individually excel in specific treatments assuring your satisfaction.

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Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team of girls cover all areas of beauty treatments.

From waxing to tinting, nails and facials, we all work together to guarantee you enter and leave our salon happy and relaxed.

We are all equally confident in our treatments we provide, still, we have our absolute favourites! Lets introduce you to our Bodylines team and the treatments they adore.



At the heart of the salon is Nicola.

Nicola has 34 years of experience in electrolysis, awarding Bodylines with a long standing reputation in hair depilation.

Hand-in-hand comes IPL, another of Nicolas strengths. With a fountain of knowledge and abundant experience, Nicola thrives on her results delivered by this treatment, making her your go-to therapist for outstanding hair removal.



This lady loves lashes! Leaving every client thrilled with full, voluminous, enviable lashes, Stephanie takes great pride in every single set an revels in the finishing look!

Stephanie’s skills don’t stop there, aptly named the ‘Gel Genie’, she works wonders on any nails leaving them flawless!

Stephanie has gained so much knowledge and deepened her skills massively in her 10 years of being a part of our Bodylines team, she is a true asset!



Being a member of our team for 16 years, Jo is ‘Bodylines’ through and through. As a qualified college tutor, Jo really does know her stuff! Skin needling is one of many treatments that Jo has merit in!

This non-surgical treatment works with your skin, which as an experienced Therapist, Jo has every faith in. Jo excels in all treatments, has tons of experience and thoroughly enjoys a day full of varied treatments – Jo is our all-rounder!



Caitlin tries her utmost to ensure your waxing is relaxing! With seven years of intimate waxing experience under her belt, you can be assured that upon leaving the salon you will be smooth and silky!

With waxing being such a highly demanded treatment, we have all areas covered. Caitlin has been a part of our Bodylines team since early 2011, always enjoying keeping clients happy and building rapport.


Leanne has the ‘Cure’. Manicures and Pedicures are essential to Leanne. She is an avid Jessica fan and knows all there is to know, if its worth knowing. Leanne has been a much-loved part of our Bodylines family for years, she is driven by client satisfaction and building relationships, something us Bodylines girls are highly passionate about.

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