Facials at Bodylines Beauty Salon

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Vitage® Advanced Antioxidant Skincare

Fuelled by antioxidants and botanical ingredients, this gentle yet effective range encompasses everything you need for healthy, plumper and younger looking skin.

Vitage® believes in using a barrage of effective vitamin fulled ingredients to deminish fine lines and wrinkles. With a wide range of products for perfecting skin, Vitage® is truly vitamins against ageing.


SkinFusion Facial – 30min £45.00

A focused treatment that refines, brightens and rejuvenates with infusions of our key actives. A great skin pick-me-up with immediate results.

SkinFusion Signature Brightening Facial – 60min £55.00

This is an energising treatment to brighten and repair the skin using vitamin C and firming peptide products.

SkinFusion Signature Lifting Facial –  60min  £58.00

Instant firming and brightening treatment with papaya enzymes, Vitamin C and botanical extracts.


Medik8 facial treatments have been carefully curated to rejuvenate the skin while providing you with a supremely relaxing experience. But what sets the treatments apart is the visible results you will notice and rave about.

Using super-strength professional-grade products, you can be sure that no matter which treatment you choose, you will love what you see.

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Age Defying Facial – 60min £62.00

Did you know the skin collagen decreases by 1% each year? With a little help with Medik8 you have no need to worry. A relaxing age-defying facial that infuses the skin with Medik8 core actives Vitamin C and A to stimulate and correct skin cells.

Deep Hydration Facial – 60min £62.00

A complete nourishing and comforting facial using Medik8 recovery solution, is far more than just moisturising dry skin. It’s about deeper, long-term nourishment that restores and maintains skin health.

Balancing Facial – 60min £62.00

Enlarged pores can be a bugbear for many, can be difficult to treat and can make a flawlessly complexion feel almost impossible to achieve. A Balancing facial use Deep cleansing and pore refining actives that are used to target oily, problematic and blemished skin to smooth, calm and generate a clear complexion.

Redness Calming Facial – 60min £68.00

A gentle soothing treatment using the Calmwise range which helps to target 6 routes to redness by visibly reducing inflammation within the skin while soothing and comforting the complexion.

Radiance Facial – 60min £68.00

A results-driven facial to combat uneven pigmentation and skin tone, breathing new radiance and luminosity into the skin.

Ideal for clients with dull skin or who are just in need of a good uplifting and brightening treatment.

Advanced Facial Treatments

LightFusion Photo Therapy

Light your way to beautiful skin with the LightFusion Photo Facial.

LightFusion aims to rejuvenate the skin by delivering 10 minutes of optimised red and near infra-red light simultaneously. The product uses wavelengths of light that energises cellular functions within the body and aims to help the absorption of skincare. Phototherapy creates a cascade of biochemical reactions, which continue after the treatment is finished, which aims to stimulate collagen, improve skin laxity and reduce pigmentation. LightFusion supports the skin from inside out boosting your normal skincare routine to counteract ageing and environmental damage.

What does it do?
• Stimulates collagen.
• Improves skin texture.
• Increases elasticity.
• Reduces pigmentation.

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LightFusion Photo Facial – 30min £50.00

LightFusion Raidance Facial – 45 min £60.00

LightFusion Age Defence Facial – 60min £70.00

One of our therapists will devise a treatment most suited to your concerns.


DiamondTome microdermabrasion resurfacing is a unique deep exfoliation treatment using special diamond chips to polish the top most layer of the skin and remove dead skin cells, while at the same time vacuuming the dead skin cells away and increasing lymphatic drainage, targeting blackheads and clogged pores in a sterile and controlled manner.

Removing this layer of dead skin leaves a smoother, more radiant, youthful complexion and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells.

DiamondTome Skin Resurfacing – 30min £50.00

DiamondTome Skin Resurfacing – 60min £60.00

DiamondTome & LightFusion – 60min £70.00

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DiamondTome HydroPlus

The HydroPlus treatment combines the deep exfoliation effects of the DiamondTome skin resurfacing treatment, with accelerated penetration of active ingredients with the use of the patented Hydro Wands.

Following the exfoliation phase, Hydro-Active Infusions for the skin concerns are infused into the skin leaving it hydrated volumised, balanced and brightened.

HydroPlus Intense Anti-Ageing – 60min £70.00



It’s skin science! Each and every Priori product contains technology to decode and respond to each individual skin. Reacting to specific needs such as hydration or breakouts and blemishes makes this range so unique.

Priori Adaptive Superceutical Formulas work to give you the visible corrective benefits you need in real-time. Your skin will take what is needed from these complex formulas when it is needed, to reveal more radiant and hydrated skin.

Let Priori adapt and improve your skins health with ease.

Skin Unwrapped – 45 min £60.00

Unwrap your skin’s true potential. If you are used to advanced peels you will love the benefits you see with this facial treatments. We will adapt  and decode your skin’s needs, regardless of your skin concerns – this will be the ultimate skin prescription

Uncover. Expose. Renew – 60 min £65.00

A treatment with the wow factor that provides dramatic and visible results while achieving skin rejuvenation with improved elasticity, texture, tone and clarity. Relax and lose yourself in a wealth of massage plus unique innovative skincare results! Includes a hand and arm peel treatment. The ultimate indulgence. Your skin, uncovered.

Rejuvapen Skin Needling

Rejuvapen is a remarkable, non-laser, non-surgical, medical grade, micro-needling system that uses a specialised ‘pen’ containing a cartridge with small needles to cause tiny punctures in the skin.

But don’t let that scare you!

These are extremely small micro-needles that lead to great results. These small contact points encourage the body to create a wound healing response and renew the skin cells. As your skin repairs, the production of collagen and elastin is triggered to give an almost immediate plumping effect. It can also help tackle other skin damage such as scarring, dark marks, sun damage and ageing. Fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles can be reduced and an overall healthier appearance of the skin will occur.

Finally, an awesome benefit of microneedling is that this treatment isn’t exclusive to the face. It can be done on any area of skin that needs to be repaired – particularly areas that display stretch marks or acne scars, like the legs, chest and back. As few as four to six sessions could make a difference in these problem areas.

  • Full Face – £200
  • Neck and Chest – £200


Excelight IPL Red Vein Removal

Skin Rejuvenation treatments offer a solution for all the visible signs of ageing caused by sun damage, such as brown spots (pigmentation), redness (thread veins) and uneven skin texture, lines and wrinkles.

How Does The Treatment Work?
Precisely controlled short pulses of light are released that target discolouration (brown and red lesions) to create a more youthful, even complexion. In addition, this light results in the stimulation of the fibroblast cells, leading to increased production of new collagen and elastin. This improves the texture of the skin, evening out lumps and bumps whilst reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

How Is The Treatment Carried Out?
Upon consultation a treatment procedure will be tailored specifically to you. The process will include a light applicator that is placed onto the skin and a short pulse of light is released. The hand piece is then moved to the neighbouring area and the process repeated until the entire area is treated.
During treatment protective eye wear will be provided.

Am I Suitable For Treatment?
Yes, treatment is suitable for most people. We recommend a full consultation to ascertain your suitability and to allow the treatment to be tailored to your needs.
(Consultation and patch test are free)

How Does The Treatment Feel?
Treatment can be mildly uncomfortable but no anaesthia is required and most people describe the discomfort as moderate and acceptable, not unlike a quick pin prick and a warm feeling.

Are There Any Side Effects?
The skin may be quite red and slightly swollen after treatment but this usually subsides quickly. Very rarely a small blister may form and there can be temporary lightening or darkening of the skin. However, most people experience no side effects and any skin reaction usually disappears within a few hours.

What Should I Expect After The Treatment?
Redness and a slight warming sensation are normal after treatment. A cooling pack is applied after treatment to calm the skin. You may see a darkening of any pigmented spots before they flake off, leading to a more even skin tone. Tightening of the skin should increase over the following months as new collagen is produced.

How Many Treatments Are Necessary?
Treatments are carried out every 2 to 3 weeks and 6 treatments are recommended for best results. Thereafter, top-up sessions are performed as required, but typically once or twice a year.

How Long Does Each Treatment Take?
Treatment times can vary but typically between 20-45minutes.

Consultation Procedure
Prior to your treatment you must first undergo a consultation where details about your medical history are obtained in order to confirm your suitability. Before proceeding you will be asked to sign a consent form and undergo a patch test.

Single Lesion £75.00

Cheeks £100.00

Cheeks and Nose £150.00

Excelight IPL Hair Removal

A completely FREE consultation is required.


Gift Vouchers
Vouchers are valid for six months from the date of purchase. They are for a monetary value or a specific treatment.

Treatment Courses
Must be paid for in full on first treatment and must be completed within six months

Returns Policy
If you have an adverse reaction to a retail product we will fully refund you.

We reserve the right to charge a fee when cancellations are made less than 24 hours before the appointment.

A 50% deposit will be charged for treatments over £40

We take all complaints very seriously. If you have reason to complain we would appreciate you telling us as soon after your treatment as possible.

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