Home Manicure

During the last few weeks at home my hands have taken a battering I have washed and cleaned and forgotten to put on my hand cream. It shows how much moisturiser we use at work. To make them feel better I have been doing a home manicure which you can try too as it is extremely easy.

Step 1. After washing your hands push your cuticles back with a towel and make sure the backs of your hands dry.

Step 2. If you have the Jessica Phenomen oil (rich in Vit E, jojoba, sweet almond oil & rice oil) £9.50 apply a small drop onto each cuticle and rub in well, rub the excess into your elbows as it is good for any dry areas like knees or heels. It is best used as a night-time treatment as it can be bit oily.

Step 3. Apply a small amount of the Jessica Nourish Cuticle formula £8 is next (rich in Vit A & E, zinc & allantoin) on to each cuticle and rub in well. This product is good for healing split rough cuticles and generally softening the cuticles.

Step 4. Apply your hand cream make sure you massage it into the backs of hands and up your forearms for the best results. I have the Spongelle Papaya hand cream £13.50 (rich in macadamia oil, hyaluronic & argan oil) which I had for Christmas or  I also use the Jessica Hand & Body Emulsion £6.75 (rich in soya) is also very good it is our best-selling handbag size hand cream.

Our salon treatment for dry hand is the Hand & Nail Hydrating Treatment, we exfoliate the hands and forearms then apply all of the above products, your hands are wrapped and put into the heated mittens so the creams can soak in. The remaining creams are massaged in, the cuticles are tidied, nails cut and filed.  Leaving your hands super soft.

If you would like to purchase any of our Jessica or other product ranges, please Facebook message and they can be posted out to you.


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